What Sporting Events Are Happening Today?

what sporting events are happening today

Sports fans who love watching games live at a stadium, arena or ballpark will always have an advantage; but streaming or cable TV are also excellent alternatives if they can’t make an event themselves. DIRECTV 4K gives viewers a truly immersive viewing experience from the comfort of their living rooms!

There’s nothing bigger in sport than major events – these colossal affairs showcase unrivalled sporting excellence, push human achievement beyond its limits and unite people from around the globe under one banner of healthy competition.

This week in sport, Boston Bruins are set to face Dallas Stars in NHL action; Inter Milan take on Atletico Madrid in a Champions League round 16 leg; New Zealand play Australia in T20 action and NFL season begins this week – two major matches between Eagles and Cowboys will occur.

NYC is home to numerous professional sports teams, from NFL’s Giants and Jets to Major League Baseball’s Yankees and Mets as well as NBA teams such as Knicks/Nets/Islanders (NHL). All boast historic venues with die-hard fans – making NYC an excellent sports fan paradise!

If you reside in NYC, streaming services or over-the-air antenna can allow for access to a selection of local and regional sports channels. NBC Sports App and Telemundo both provide regional coverage while CBS and Fox provide more comprehensive national sports channels.

Hulu + Live TV offers live sports streaming as part of their subscription service, featuring over 15 sports networks including ESPN and FS1, plus league-specific channels like MLB Network, NHL Network and NBA TV.