Will Travel on the Lansdale-Doylestown Line Be Affected Today?

The Lansdale/Doylestown Line, commonly referred to as R5, is a SEPTA Regional Rail line connecting Philadelphia with Doylestown in Bucks County via 28 stations over 35 miles and with an average weekday ridership of over 15,000.

SEPTA train #6378 struck and injured someone near North Wales station on the Lansdale/Doylestown Line late Saturday evening, taking them to hospital but their condition is currently unknown. Officials are currently conducting an investigation and trying to ascertain why someone was on the tracks in the first place.

Impact of incident is expected to last throughout the night and may result in disruption on line. SEPTA officials stated they would release additional details later regarding possible effects this incident will have on other lines.

SEPTA has made significant adjustments to both weekend and weekday train schedules to accommodate ongoing Amtrak bridge work in Chester. Some inbound train departures have been moved later while outbound trains have been combined onto track 3 between Eddystone and Marcus Hook stations for outbound service. SEPTA trains will operate at reduced speeds while passengers must use wood walkouts when boarding or exiting trains.

SEPTA anticipates making adjustments to its schedules until early next week in order to maintain service at 77% of pre-COVID levels and will make further adjustments as necessary in the future.

If you are traveling on the Lansdale/Doylestown line this week, make sure to visit SEPTA’s website or download its app to stay informed of any alterations or updates that could affect your trip. Both will offer timely details.

Staying informed can also be achieved by following SEPTA on social media – their Twitter and Facebook accounts will post regular updates regarding how the change in train schedules is impacting Lansdale/Doylestown service and other Philadelphia lines.

SEPTA now has the SEPTA Rail Travel Planner app, allowing users to find the ideal route for their trip – both fast and budget. In addition, users can purchase tickets using this app, manage rides using GPS tracking technology and view real-time vehicle locations.

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